Freshen up with Diamondbrite

Freshen up with Diamondbrite

Freshen up with DiamondbriteDiamondbrite Kit Fresh cleans and deodorizes motorcycle clothing, boots and helmet linings, without the need for washing – keeping kit clean, hygienic and fresh throughout the season and during winter storage.

Developed specifically for use on motorcycle kit – including helmets, boots, gloves and clothing interiors – Kit Fresh is formulated specifically to deal with the dirt and odour molecules that can leave riding gear feeling and smelling unpleasant.

The unique combination of cleaning detergents ‘bonds’ with odour molecules and bacteria that have been transferred to fabric linings and interiors from the wearer’s body, rendering them permanently inactive and leaving fabrics feeling and smelling fresh and clean.

It’s quick and to use – no pre-treatments, water or messy soaps/liquids required – just spray onto a lint-free cloth or directly onto the surface of the garment/fabric. Then wipe the area gently to remove the molecules/bacteria and wipe over, using a clean cloth, to finish off.

Kit fresh is safe to use on all fabrics and won’t damage waterproof and breathable liners.

Blended and bottled within the company’s UK manufacturing hub, it comes in a handy 100ml trigger bottle for easy application, and retails at £7.12 including VAT.

It’s also included in the After Care Pack supplied with each application of Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro – the first fully-guaranteed fluorocarbon polymer paint protection system specifically for motorcycles.

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