Harris Magnum special

Freshly restored Harris Magnum

Kawasaki powered MagnumYou don’t see too many Harris Magnum specials these days, even rarer are those that have been restored with period parts from back in the day. This gorgeous example is the result of restoration by JAL Motorcycle Restorations. It’s just been finished and delivered to its owner.

The Kawasaki powered Magnum is built to a period specification from circa 1982, other than the front disc which are a bit later. The restoration started with just a Harris Magnum frame, then the rest was sourced.

The big fuel tank is a Magnum One alloy item.
The engine is from a Kawasaki Z1000J, it’s fitted with Harris Magnum special IMG_9531Mikuni RS33 flat slide carbs, a popular upgrade over the standard Kawasaki carbs. Wheels are both Dymag racing items. Marzocchi 38mm forks and rebuilt WP shock take care of the suspension, both are quality brands.
Hauling it all up are a pair of AP Lockheed calipers, a popular racing upgrade from the past.

JAL point out that the Harris Magnum is a hugely underrated chassis, even more so when not played about with and fitted with over modernised parts.
We totally agree!