Friday Flogged It! Scottoiler.

Flogged It Friday! Scottoiler.

“I’ve heard of those, but what are they?”Scottoiler

The Scottoiler is a gadget that keeps your drive chain fully fed with lubricant, all you need to do is remember to fill the plastic canister with the Scottoiler branded lube.

What could be simpler? Well, except from using a tin of chain lube and doing the job yourself!

They tend to come my way on bikes that appeal to the type of owner who couldn’t lower themselves to spin the back wheel and shake a up a tin of chain lube before squirting it everywhere.

Scottoiler“Are the expensive?”

A basic kit like this one retails for around the £80 mark. Not overly expensive, but that’s a lot of tins of chain lube that you could’ve bought.

The expense doesn’t stop there. You might also have to pay someone to fit it, which involves tapping into the inlet rubber to give it the magic to work.

“You actually sell second-hand ones?”Scottoiler

Yes. Shit sells! Over the years the Scottoiler buyers that have come my way have often not researched the product fully, and then bombard me with technical questions on how to fit it etc. I have to remind them that I only sold it mate, I don’t make the things.

Also, a high number of the used units fail to actually work! I tend to just list them for parts use, to avoid the aggro down the line. Thing is, they still always make around £20.

Personally I think they are stupid. I have been riding since 1986 and have never used one, pass me the chain lube please.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.