Gear Gremlin's 12V Intelligent Charger

Gear Gremlin’s 12V Intelligent Charger Review

Gear Gremlin's 12V Intelligent Charger Battery care is crucial during colder periods, when low temperatures cause the power output from the battery to drop, as the chemical reaction that generates electrons to supply the current proceeds more slowly. With many motorcyclists hibernating their bike for the winter, a trickle charger is an essential purchase.

Gear Gremlin’s 12V Intelligent Charger is microprocessor-based and will charge and maintain all 12V gel and lead acid batteries, from 2.3Ah – 120Ah capacities.

Fully automated, the Intelligent Charger adjusts the current according to the battery’s capacity rating and can diagnose – and attempt to recover – a sulphated battery. It will also check for and indicate a weak or damaged battery.

Its built-in automatic voltage management system cuts charging when the battery is fully charged, and the charger also features protection from polarity reverse, short circuit, over temperature, over current and over voltage, for complete safety and peace of mind. Retail price is £65.99 from

The Review

Simple to use, just plug in and play. Suitable for both car and motorcycle batteries so multi functional. We tested it on both a discharged car and motorcycle battery and within 12 hours both were fully charged and ready to go…