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If you’d like a FREE photo shoot of your completed classic bike restoration project then email us and our professional photographer will come to you. Your bike will feature in our online classic bike mag and we’ll even send you copies of the best pictures from the shoot!


if you enjoy reading the various reviews and articles on and would like to improve this site even more (impossible I hear you say!), here’s how you can help. We want to share more information and experiences about classic and vintage bikes, and that’s where you can help…

The features you read on come from a variety of sources. Some are professional journalists while others are enthusiastic contributors.

We are passionate about classic bikes and want to publish even more stories about real-life classic bikes. You don’t need to be a writer to see your story published on, but you do need to have something relevant to say. We like articles and restoration projects about a single model, which should be at least 600 words. If your story is longer, no problem, we’ll just spread it over several pages.

Don’t worry about your writing skills, grammar or punctuation; we’ll make sure your story reads correctly. Just concentrate on telling a good story and we’ll do the rest. The visitors are far more interested in what you have to say than how you may be saying it (but any budding authors are welcome, too!).

Include as much detail as possible. Tell us exactly what year and model your classic bike is, when it was built, and as much of its history as you possible can. There’s no such thing as too much information! We want to know about what condition your bike was in when you bought it, any modifications you’ve made, and how well it has performed. Did you rebuild it from a box of bits? Has it won an award? Have you ridden it across the country? Does it sit in your shed and just shine? Whatever your classic bike means to you, it’ll be of interest to our visitors.

It’s now time to share your experiences with other owners and prospective purchasers. Have you discovered a secret supplier of exactly the right bolt, nut, washer, rivet, fastener, screw, pin, plug, spacer, shim, bearing, bush or cog? Can you make your Triumph oil-tight? Does your Commando start on the button? Or did you make a horrible mistake, and could save someone else from a similar experience?

We don’t just publish features about classic bikes themselves; we also like to read stories about your travels on an old motorbike, events you have attended or great roads you’ve ridden.

We need your story as a Word document or in plain text form, plus a bunch of photos (high-resolution ideally) so that other people can see what you’re talking about. If you can’t type to save your life then scribble your thoughts down on paper.

Great photos really bring a good story to life. If you’re photographing your own bike take a couple of pictures from each side, and then get some close-ups of any interesting bits you’ve mentioned in the write-up. Try and position the bike so that there’s nothing distracting in the background and make sure you get all of it in the frame; we can crop the picture to fit later if required. Don’t get so close that nothing is in focus, but don’t stand so far away that we can’t make out the details. If you’re shooting on film take two of everything, just to be safe!

If you are emailing pictures we like them to be at least 800×600 (but bigger is better) jpegs that are straight from the camera, so that we can crop and resize them as required. Don’t be tempted to drop them into a word document as this lowers the quality.

Get writing and don’t be shy, you’ve nothing to lose. Send your stories by email to

Ian Owen – Editor

Ian Owen