Get your tats out for the lads!

IMG_1837It’s the latest must have accessory, you’re nobody without some sick ink on your flesh. Over the years I’ve seen some really smart motorcycle inspired artwork that’s been etched on other peoples skin. Some have been in tribute to that favourite racer, or brand loyalty, you can’t beat having a Honda wing logo on your neck. OK, so I’m being silly now. Tattoos are a personal thing, many tats tell a story or are done out of love or respect for another human being. This can be a dangerous path to tread. Our mate John Martin who runs the ACS website gave up his arms to his first love, and then his second and third. John’s Katana tattoo is a copy of his actual bike, likewise is the GSX1100EF too. I am struggling to think what bike I’d have inked on my body? I can think of a few that wouldn’t get close!