Honda CB100n

Golden Brown survivor Honda CB100N

Honda CB100nIn 1981 The Stranglers released one of their biggest selling singles, it was called Golden Brown, that’s exactly the tune that rattles around inside my head when I took delivery of my latest survivor find. Maybe the folk at Honda liked that song so much it inspired the bronze paint job on this 1982 Honda CB100N?

The lyrical crossovers stop about there, the saddle on is this 36 year old tiddler doesn’t have a texture like sun, it’s more in keeping with seats from a Ford Cortina than the star at the centre of our solar system.

Having been mothballed for a year or so the unmolested single cylinder Honda needed nothing more than two swings on the kickstart to rumble into life, ‘with my might she runs’.

I stand back and smile.

CB100NThe aftermarket rack looks shite, within a minute I’ve found a 13mm spanner and whipped it off, it looks much better without it.

The leg breaker crash bars must have been a universal fit, they look wide enough for twin cylinder, and somewhat daft on this single lunger.

Since 1982 it’s racked up 17,000 miles, and appears to have been well looked after, unlike thousands of other examples that have been lost to landfill over the decades.

The four stroke engine is pretty bulletproof, but it isn’t idiot proof, keeping everything lubed is a litre of engine oil, you’d be amazed how many owners either never thought to check the level now and again, let alone do an oil change.

Neglect, it’s the quickest way to cut short the life of any engine.

CB100 wheelThe rest of the bike is in decent shape, and with no more than a quick wipe over with an oily rag I am more than happy with this latest treasure hunt.

It’s silly how an old Honda can brighten up your day, there’s never a frown with golden brown.

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