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Got the biking blues? (Part 1)

Then let us at help…We know it can’t be fun not being allowed out on your modern classic thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown, but there ARE things you can still do in the meantime. Let’s look at some of them…

Clean your bike

Yes, it sounds bleedin’ obvious but now is the time. Keep your bike clean and you’ll spot little things that may be amiss. Think tyre tread/depth, brake pad and disc wear, chain/sprockets wear and tear. Get up close and personal with your bike and you will reap the rewards. DON’T forget to read what is says on the tin/tub/aerosol when it comes to what you can use where on your bike as you don’t want to use something aggressive on the wrong surface!

Modify your bike…

Yeah, why not: remember back in the day when we’d fit different shocks, exhausts and screens to our ride? Well, spend some cash, take your time and modify your bike – tastefully, we hope – and keep all the original parts! Check out people such as: as they do many parts for modern Jap classics!

Alternatively, if you’re on a budget you don’t have to buy new, buy used, check our our eBay shop of used parts, 2000+ to choose from… 

Buy some new tools!

If you love working on your bike, you’ll know that our prized possession of tools is often collected over decades and we all have our favourite… If you’re going to spend lots of time in your shed, garage or workshop and let’s face it, what better place to ‘self-isolate?’ Some of the best places to shop include:,, and So, persuade your better half that you really need something new, like that Snap-on torque wrench or that Sealey drawer cabinet… and with that in mind…

Get your workshop into order!

If you’re up to date with everything else – why not a big clear out: store some stuff to flog on eBay and make best use of the space you now have with a lovely, new tool chest/drawer combination. Trawl the internet for special offers…

Watch old, classic races

What could be better? Break out the beers and head to for old races from 1992 (Wayne Rainey stole the 500cc title from an injured Mick Doohan) through to 2020’s Qatar support races. Best of all it’s FREE until the season proper kicks off. Sure, you’ll pay after that but you can quit when it comes to that, eh? At you’ll also find plenty of free video content harking back to way-back-when – our favourite includes Carl Fogarty’s comeback win for Honda on the RC45 at Hockenheim in 1996. WSB can also be found on Eurosport Player ( along with a number of British Superbike races from recent years. And – don’t forget – if you want it all on a hard copy, the best of all bike racing and general motorsport video content can be ordered on DVD and Bluray from and they post free for orders over a tenner

Play motorcycle video games 

Yes, you may enjoy it! If you’ve seen the MotoGP stars lark around on MotoGP 2020 in their ‘virtual MotoGP races’ then have some of the action yourself. Best of all, if you’ve got a PS4 or Xbox One then the older stuff is cheaper… We recently downloaded MotoGP 2017 for well under a tenner and it gave us plenty of hours of fun.

If it’s road bikes you like then you could buy the recent Ride 3, but – like us, if you’re a skinflint – then the recent Easter offers sees the first two in the series bought for less than a tenner. It’s a no brainer! In the whole Ride series you can buy, race and modify your favourite motorcycles – old and new including Honda’s RC30 – as well as riding on around 30 tracks such as Cadwell Park. What’s not to like? You can even race online against other forced ‘self-isolationists’.