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Got the biking blues? (Part 2)

Got the biking blues?

Then let us at help…We know it can’t be fun not being allowed out on your modern classic thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown, but there ARE things you can still do in the meantime. Here’s part two of our rundown…

Order your favourite motorcycle magazine…

Fingers crossed that we’re not under lockdown for too long, but if we are you need to read – not just the brilliant stuff from, but all the printed media out there. You’ll find that with the current marketplace for such mags uncertain, they’re doing some great deals. Go to: and

Service your bike

Some of the most basic servicing tasks can be completed now, while at home and without a big tool kit. You can easily remove and clean your air-filter, do a basic oil change and service/clean those brake calipers and change pads/brake fluid if you need to. Then your bike will be ready for when we’re all given the green light to hit the road once more.

Read up on advanced riding…

There are many books out there that can help us improve our riding. Yes, we know that the proof of the pudding is…err, in the riding, but you can learn some things from books. Books such as the humble Highway Code, or Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police motorcyclists’ bible ( you’ll learn lots even before you’ve hit the road again, we promise you. Then for racier amongst you, how about the famed ‘Twist of the Wrist’ series by Keith Code (you can find them easy enough on Amazon.)

Hopefully reading now will whet your appetite to book up some advanced riding courses when we’re through to the other side, such as The Honda Ron Haslam Race School at Donington Park ( or the brilliant fuzz-run BikeSafe scheme (  

Learn a new spannering skill…

Many newcomers to the world of classic motorcycle restoring or modifying often either buy some of the classic mags out there to learn a new skill in some of the step-by-step guides, buy a Haynes/Clymer manual or head to the online world of YouTube. From re-covering your seat, to balancing carbs, stripping a project (and how to keep on top of and where to store parts) to even more advanced jobs – they’re all there. WARNING: read the comments below each YouTube post – there are often some (ahem) interesting characters who can take you down a dead-end: you’ll soon filter out the ally bolts from the swarf… Start small… even purchasing a parts cleaner and a bench-grinder/wire-wheel set will get you cleaning and polishing parts and even the sense of achievement with a basic task will make you proud!

Book ahead for 2020 and beyond…

We need to look ahead to the good times to come, so why not figure out where you’re going to go and what you’re going to do come late summer or even looking ahead to 2021?

You’ll find a raft of events taking place at the back-end of this year – some of which may not yet be affected. Think on things such as the Manx GP/Classic TT which is still scheduled for its normal slot at the end of August/start of September. Then there’s the biggest classic show on the calendar – The 27th Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show takes place over October 10-11 while the postponed The Classic MotorCycle Show should take place over the weekend of August 15-16 (

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