Hayabusa – Things that make us go ohh

GSX1300R Hayabusa AdvertDo you want to party like it’s 1999?

With the world counting down the days to the new millennium, Suzuki made sure it was their name that held the record for the fastest production bike of the last century. OK, so the 220mph clock set on those first bikes was a tad optimistic, but other than that the Hayabusa set the bar for others to follow. The all new 1299cc engine would take you to 150mph in around 12 seconds depending on your reaction times. The looks are the biggest talking point, I loved those bulbous lines and even the bronze paint, lovely.

Over the years many of these bikes have been broken for parts, the engine is still a favourite with the kit car fraternity. This means the bikes that are left will rally in price, at the moment you can still find a decent Busa for less than £3,000, that’s a whole lot of go for you dough.

Suzuki Hayabusa

Hayabusa cockpit