Honda CB700 Nighthawk S

Honda CB700 Nighthawk S – S For Survivor!

CB700 Nighthawk SOver the last few decades many grey imported motorcycles have washed up on our shores. Some of these are real odd ball bikes, but others use the meat and two veg from machines that we got via official channels.

The beating heart of this Honda CB700 Nighthawk is a sleeved down CBX750F engine, possibly one of the best air cooled engines Honda ever made. Unlike the sporty CBX750F the Nighthawk is a bike that’s built for comfort, not speed. In a world full of flat track inspired new bikes down at your local dealer, you can’t help but think Honda were about 30 years too soon with this motorcycle. It looks quite modern when you sit and look at it, only the A reg number plate gives its age away. This is yet another survivor that’s rolled our way. There’s still plenty of miles left in this shaft drive cruiser. It’s going to need some fork seals and the sixteen inch front tyre keeps on going down, so that’ll need replacing.

On the plus side it looks dead handsome and that motor is raring to go. It’s probably one of the cooler ways to spend £1,395.
Honda Nighthawk