Honda CBX Special

Honda CBX Special

Specials go from one extreme to another, last time we saw a fantastically modified single cylinder machine and this time we get as many cylinders as it is possible to buy over the counter!

Steve Courtney is the ambitious owner of this gorgeous CBX and having had the machine since 1987 has constantly strived to perfect the gleaming chrome bedecked motorcycle. A mechanic by trade, albeit on agricultural and commercial tackle, he posesses all the many skills needed to turn out exemplary show stopping machines like this. The 37 year old from Ashford in Kent is also one of the technical advisors within the CBX club and has extensive knowledge of the type and many more technical aspects of machine owner ship such as painting and polishing the expanses of shiny bits that are the essence of CBX ownership.

When Steve first got the CBX seen here he admits that it was difficult to manhandle and he couldn’t even touch the ground with both feet. He did learn to live with the physical size of the big multi however and half a year later took the bike off the road to begin the lengthy and thorough six year restoration process. Steve comments; “The bike was in boxes for so long that I struggled to sort all the parts out as I’d forgotten how it all went back together, but it all came good eventually”.

Bought originally for a meagre £1200 the CBX hasn’t become a money pit as Steve’s handy work has kept the costs way down, the chrome did stand him a £ 500 back in 1993 and various bits and bobs have raided the piggy bank a wee bit over the years.

The paintwork is also Steve’s handy work although he does admit to being a little amateurish in this department when he first started. Before too long his confidence grew and the results are seen here, with a super smooth and glossy finish that extends to two further complete kits of bodywork enabling Steve to completely change the look of the CBX, somewhat chameleon like from blue to red or even green within twenty minutes.

With the fully restored machine hitting the road around the mid nineties it was then run around a fair bit until last season when the engine grew increasingly smokey, making oil burn too excessive to live with and along with several parts of the chassis this required immediate attention. The bike was stripped again and the frame repainted along with other cycle parts and the engine received a full top end rebuild. The result is a smoke free and smooth running power plant as well as shiny chassis.

The CBX doesn’t get so much use these days as the second one in his collection is a more up rated and considerably less polished version making it far more suitable run around for everyday use. This machine features GSX-R forks, wheels and swing arm, the standard frame having been converted to monoshock. This second machine rides great and handles quite well too but perhaps more importantly Steve doesn’t mind getting that one wet! While not as mint as the blue one seen here none the less It looks nice and tidy but Steve tell us he does have plans for that one too so we will have to wait and see quite what that means. Alongside the two CBX’s sit a pair of off road Yamaha’s, 175 and 250cc DT’s, that are as well turned out as the multi pot Honda’s so keep a look out for these off roader’s on display at shows.

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