Honda CBX1000

Honda CBX1000 Special

CBX1000 engineThis may look like a stock Honda CBX1000 to the untrained eye, but a closer examination reveals a surprising amount of subtle and tasteful modifications. And so it should, as everything has been stripped and replaced, and or modified, to bring the estimated build cost to around £20,000.

CBX1000 Ohlins shockThe starting point was an unloved and unwanted stock Honda CBX1000. The first production Honda with an inline six-cylinder engine, (following on from the earlier RC series race bike), the CBX  was available from 1978-1982. The claimed 105 bhp gave it an 11.36 second quarter mile time. The engine was more focused on better mid-range by 1980, and in 1981, the CBX went into sport-touring territory.

But if they’d stuck with the idea of further improving the iconic superbike, this is what they might have come up with. The builder wanted to retain the essence of the original bike, but add his own spin and improvements.

The 24 valve six-cylinder engine took a large chunk of the build cost, but then again, there is a lot going on inside. The capacity was increased with big bore pistons, and every internal was replaced. Feeding it is a back of beautiful FCR carbs, which cost around £300 each.

Keeping the spirit of the original machine, the urge to run modern wheels and brakes was resisted. Instead the unloved later ProLink sports-tourer vented discs and beefier brakes were sourced and fitted.

Just sit back and enjoy the hard work that went into this Honda CBX1000.