Honda CBX

Honda CBX1000 – We find a black beauty

CBXAt we love many things, stuff like doughnuts, comfy footwear and six cylinder motorcycles. The Honda CBX1000 is one of those bikes that you can’t ignore. I saw this one out on my travels in two separate places. I first clapped eyes on it at the St Ives Motorcycle show, it was parked up down a side street getting plenty of attention. My second sighting was at Snetterton earlier this year, on this occasion I was blessed with hearing it in motion. Those six pistons pump their spent gases out of a pair of exhaust valves per cylinder, with two inlets per pot also that’s 24 valves bouncing about with every revolution of the crank. The engine dominates the bike, exactly what Honda wanted when they dug out their drawing board.

Adding to my pleasure are those six exhausts, with three silencers stacked each side it’s a visual treat too.

Honda CBX1000These twin shock models are the best of the CBX1000 breed, those later Pro Link model looks clumsy in comparison.

If I’m lucky enough to spot this stealthy Honda again I will do my best to shoot some video for the website. Until then you’ll have to use your imagination on what it sounds like.

CBX Engine