honda jigsaw

Honda Jigsaw

honda jigsawI made this puzzle back in the 80s, I was still at school and probably got it for Christmas or maybe my birthday?

It was my dad that glued it to a piece of a plywood and stuck some string on it. It originally hung in my bedroom, then over the years it’s adorned various garage walls. At the time when I made it my brother owned a real Honda CB1100RD. It’s no surprise that my first road bike in 1986 was a Honda MBX50.

I’ve no idea where the missing corner piece went, it’s almost artistic that it’s not complete, it adds to its charm.

honda CB1100 jigsawI posted a picture on the VJMC Facebook page, and was chuffed to see other people have got the same puzzle!

Some even have the bike to go with it.

There’s yet another old Honda in my garage and like my damaged jigsaw it’s a bit of a puzzle that’s missing a few parts!

CB1100 doodle Honda Fireblade CB1100 jigsaw