Honda RC45 – The forgotten RC

Honda RC45The RC30 steals lots of the Honda V4 nostalgia, there were plenty of other models though that used the trademark configuration. These range from those rev hungry 400s up to the cumbersome VF1000R. Like that second album from a pop group that appeared from nowhere Honda were always going to be hard pushed to create another legend when the RC30 became uncompetitive on the track.

In 1994 they revealed the RC45, it was around twice the price of their own chart topping Fireblade, but did that mean it would twice the bike? Course not! The Fireblade didn’t ever win a national race, mostly because at the time there wasn’t a series to race it in. It was a road bike, a bloody good one!

RC45The RC45 was designed to win races, being a good road bike wasn’t what it was all about. There was a mix of old and new technology going on.

The V4 engine got a rework, it’s too hot to bung my anorak on and type all of the changes out! The biggest was a switch to fuel injection. The front calipers were identical to those on the NC35 400, brake discs were touted about to be NR750 items, any opportunity to create an air of eliteness was grabbed with both hands. It looked good, thing is the 916 it was to do battle with in WSB looked so much better.

Fast forward to 2017 and there’s much love around for the Forty Five, which means prices will continue to creep up. Unlike the RC30 used prices for a honest RC45 haven’t gone stupid, well not yet.


 Honda VFR RC45