Yamaha Diversion XJ600 front wheel

Junkyard Dog Part 11 – Some You Win Some You Lose

Junkyard Dog Yamaha Diversion XJ600 front wheel

It felt good to make some progress on some of the stuff I have been puzzling over and while I am waiting for some bits and pieces to finish off the rear brake I am now clear on what I am doing and expect it to work well. The front wheel is a whole different proposition. Trying to find parts that all work together is a massive headache. I have decided to ditch the Lexmoto Wheel, the disc is too small and I don’t trust the engineering to handle the weight, power or speed that this psycho nutter bastard will be capable of. I had picked up a Yamaha Diversion wheel last time I visited Scottie and Ian and think it will be ideal, it has a pretty decent tyre on it too. While I was there I saw they had a T300 sat on the lift ready for breaking so I helped myself to the front left caliper. I thought it was the right size but it turned out the mount holes were 5mm too close together so I will have to come up with something different. Due to the location of the mounts on the forks it was a non starter anyway. After much head scratching I think I am going to make a really beefy adapter plate that will bolt to the forks and whichever caliper I use will bolt to it. It’s a big bit of faffing about I didn’t really want to do but do it I must.

I am now at the point where I only need to add two more brackets to the frame – they will be rear mounts for the exhaust – very simple little tabs with 8mm holes drilled through them. I also picked up a really cool Tool / utility bag from Ian, it’s a Triumph one and I think it will look really cool under the rear number plate. I will weld a couple of tabs on to the sissy bar to accommodate it. Once that is done the frame will be at the points where I can take everything off it, tidy it up and repaint it. There are a couple of old brackets still to come off it that I can’t get to easily with everything installed so they will be removed first.

Yamaha Diversion XJ600 front wheel single disc conversionOnce the paint is well and truly dry I can set about doing the final build up, I don’t need everything in place by then, I just need to make sure I don’t need to weld anything else to the frame so I paint it once and it’s job done. I would like to powder coat it but there is no money in the budget for such outlandish behaviour. I hope I have enough rattle cans to get the job done.

So back to the front wheel, I carefully measured the Diversion one and came to the conclusion I could make it fit by machining up a couple of spacers, I won’t be able to fit a speedo drive though as that would throw the wheel off center – I’ll come back to that later. It all went rather smoothly and the wheel was fitted in double quick time. I had to machine a relief on one of the spacers though as it was rubbing on the bearing outer when it was fully torqued up, very easily sorted.

When I put it all together I thought the wheel looked crap from where there used to be a disc on it.

What I did was to get the unused disc, cut out the center and then finish it in the lathe so that it hid all the nastiness. I used the old bolts cleaned up to secure it, I am rather pleased with the result. In the second photo you can also see the spacer I made.

Net job was to start looking at the caliper situation. I really wanted to use the Triumph caliper as it looks pretty cool and it is for the same diameter of disc as is fitted to the Diversion wheel. It’s going to be a fairly tricky bracket to manufacture with my limited machining capability but I think I have an idea as to how to do it. I have mocked it up just so I can get accurate measurements.  I shall be making it out of 12mm thick steel to make sure it is absolutely rigid.

I should also get the parts to do the cable for the back brake soon, I have worked out how to do it but actually doing it is another matter. It will be interesting to see if it works out as planned or whether I have to go to plan b on that too. Find out next time, I’m off down the pub. Dave.

Article provided by David Powell of Boston Bike Bits.

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