1996 Kawasaki AR50 C-10

Kawasaki AR50 – They’re only original once…

Kawasaki AR50 C-10Restored bikes are everywhere these days, we love and admire the effort involved in taking a rust bucket bike and ending up with something better than new.

There is a middle ground that’s emerging, the survivor. These are the older bikes that have been used and their wear marks tell a story. Restoring a whole bike because it’s got a few cosmetic blemishes isn’t something we’d rush to do. At Classic Motorbikes we love a survivor!

Kawasaki AR50 engineHere’s one that we found earlier.

First registered in 1996 this Kawasaki AR50 C-10 is still mot’d and starts with the gentlest of kicks. It’s a moped so will have had plenty of minor mishaps, from five paces it looks to be pretty mint but the closer you get the more you see, which is exactly how a survivor should tell its story.

There’s nothing too grim, just the odd scuff, like the end of the brake lever, indicator backs and edge of the foot peg, all very straight forward and cheap to eradicate. Why do that though?

For me it adds and doesn’t subtract from the charm of this 49cc tiddler.

Kawasaki AR50 clocksThe charm is more than skin deep, this AR50 is a genuine one owner bike, it comes with plenty of history that includes the original hand written bill of sale. It’s touches like this that make me smile. What’s next for this motorcycle? I’m not overly sure, but a restoration isn’t on the cards.

Kawasaki AR50 C-10 HistoryOriginal AR50 bill of sale!Kawasaki AR50 C-10 Logbook

AR50 C-10