Kawasaki GPz900R Impulse Purchase!

Kawasaki GPz900RHere at Classic Motorbikes we don’t just copy and paste articles from other websites, we are much more proactive than that.

We are bike mad which means we often buy bikes with our heart and not with our head and we will be sharing these purchases with you! Some we will resell, others will get broken for parts and the odd one we’ll keep.

Kicking us off is this Kawasaki GPz900R. For a bike that gave you 150mph combined with a centre stand, it still amazes me that there isn’t too much love out there for this model. This one came our way via a Facebook selling page, it was a complete impulse buy as I never woke up on Saturday thinking that I need a GPz900R in my life.

GPz900RSo what made me buy it? There are a few reasons, the first being it looked pretty original. I like bikes that haven’t been messed around with too much. Secondly, it was local and thirdly was the price. It was advertised for a £1,000. After a quick phone call a deal had been made and the seller even agreed to deliver it to me in his van! So, within an hour it was in my workshop.

First impressions were very positive other than a poorly repaired fuel tank, the bike didn’t disappoint. The logbook revealed that the last owner had owned the bike for 10 years though sadly, the last 5 of those the Kawasaki had been parked up. The chap that I bought it from had owned it only a few weeks, his good intentions had evaporated and he wanted a bike to jump on and ride rather than a project.

The bike does run and with some time and a few quid, it could make a return to the road. I am not too sure what to do with it yet. I could sell it on or maybe even break it for parts but for the moment, I’m going to watch Top Gun and think about it.