Kawasaki Happy Shopper

Kawasaki Happy Shopper

Kawasaki Happy ShopperThe ultimate Christmas present?

We’ve now opened our gifts and now have more socks than we know what to do with them, thankfully we didn’t get any smelly candles. All we wanted was this! It’s the ultimate Christmas present in our eyes.

This Kawasaki Zed Happy Shopper is one of the best things we’ve seen this year. We spotted it at the Stafford Show back in October.

There’s been some serious effort put in to its construction, and it appears to be fully functional!

Kawasaki mobility scooterSadly we couldn’t find the owner, perhaps he was in the autojumble looking for parts to build another?

Whatever goodies you got from Santa we hope you enjoy them. We’d just like to say thank you for the support for our website and Facebook page!

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