Kickstart your winter wardrobe

NEW Ogri T-ShirtTwo fresh designs of Ogri T-Shirt featuring the iconic biker’s faithful sidekick ‘Kickstart’ are now available, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the devious dog’s first appearance in the popular cartoon strip.
Kickstart first starred in an Ogri cartoon in 1988 and was a popular character from the off, helping the motorcycling anti-hero get into and out of many scrapes.

Fans can commemorate his first adventures with a choice of two official T-Shirts – ‘Mad Dog’ featuring the crazed canine crashing his bike through a brick wall; and ‘God Made Me Do It’ showing Kickstart brandishing a sledgehammer in front of a destroyed Police Volvo.

Created by cartoonist and illustrator Paul Sample in the early 1970s, the Ogri cartoon strip ran in Bike magazine until 2008 and then in Back Street Heroes, until Paul retired in 2012.

NEW Kickstart Ogri t-shirtThe original T-Shirt artwork was lost and a series of replica designs are being restored from actual T-Shirts – painstaking work which takes three weeks for each one.

Both Kickstart designs are printed in the UK in high quality full colour on a 100% cotton, crew neck, slim fit T-Shirt and retail at £25 each.

They’re available in sizes M-XXXL and are the only officially licensed Ogri shirts available, bearing the ‘Team Ogri’ label to prove it.

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