Knox Handroid 3.0

Knox Handroid 3.0 Gloves Review

Knox Handroid 3.0Knox has re-engineered the unique and innovative Handroid for 2016, as part of a programme of continuous innovation.

Introduced in 2009, the Knox Handroid brought new concepts in comfort, fit and protection to motorcycle gloves, and is now in its third incarnation. For 2016 the Handroid gets box seams and accordion stretch panels on the fingers, extra Kangaroo leather on the palm and a leather shield over the BOA closure system straps.

Protection, re-engineered:

Knox HandroidProtection remains at the core of the Handroid design, so it carries full CE certification to the latest EN13594 standard for motorcycle gloves. To qualify, the Handroid was subjected to 15 separate tests, assessing material content, sizing, dexterity, seam strength, cut resistance, abrasion resistance and impact testing.

Improving protection further still, for 2016 ‘box’ seams now replace the previous pinch seams on the fingers, and the joins are now set between the fingers, to make the fingertip section stronger and more comfortable.

A change in the construction of the index finger, by adding an extra outside seam, means the fit and feel is dramatically improved, giving more freedom and control.

As a direct result of damage repeatedly caused in race crashes, additional leather reinforcements have been placed over the BOA Closure System’s elastic straps.

Knox Handroid GloveThe 2016 design retains the unique Exo-skeletal flexible finger spines. These protect the knuckles, fingers and thumb in the event of a slide, whilst still giving full unrestricted movement. They link to a comfortable gel-lined Metapod that protects the knuckles and back of the hand.

On the palm the Patented Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) is enhanced by additional sliders on all sides, which ensure that, in the event of an accident, the majority of contact with the ground is with the SPS and not leather. An additional inner cuff slider works to support and enhance the SPS sliding effect.

Comfort refined:

New accordion stretch panels are incorporated on the fingers for added flexibility and every size has been through a detailed re-fitting process for a precision fit throughout the sizing range.

The patented Low-Profile BOA Closure system on the new Handroid offers the same quick and easy entry and exit, and micro-adjustable fit, with a less intrusive design for easy fitment underneath riding jackets.

Knox Handroid Glove 3.0Combined with the race-quality Japanese analine cowhide and Australian kangaroo leather used for the Handroids – some of the finest materials available – it gives the wearer unrivaled levels of dexterity, feel and control.

The 2016 Knox Handroid is available in Black, White, Red and Black/White, sizes XS-XXL.

Knox Handroid Glove Review

Due to overwhelming demand we’ve waited 7 years to review a pair of the Knox Handroid gloves, and for good reason….the gloves look different, futuristic and different from every other pair of motorcycle gloves on the market, and as a result, they have been flying off the shelves since 2009.

Beautifully engineered and superb stitching gives you the feel of a real premium product and at a (relatively) affordable price – £169.99. The unique flexible finger spines that move as you flex your fingers is a rear nice feature of the glove and will kill hours by trying them on and flexing your fingers when you’re bored at home!

We found the cuff a little difficult to fit over a regular textile jacket, they work much better with leathers or the Knox Zephyr Armoured Summer Jacket. Also took a while to break in but the multiple safety features are second-to-none!

I’m sure we’ll get significant use out of these gloves for years to come and they are probably the best pair of motorcycle gloves we have had the pleasure of reviewing…highly recommended.








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