Suzuki Katana

Kwik Kat, a special Suzuki Katana

Suzuki KatanaYou don’t just bump into old friends at motorcycle shows and events. Sometimes you also get to see the classic motorbikes that made you smile when you were younger.

One of my favourite magazines was always PB and there wasn’t a single issue I missed between 1986 and the early 1990s. The back page was always saved for a Reader’s Special – often a bike reworked in a shed, with a heartwarming tale of the builder and work involved. Some where better than others. Sometimes the bikes featured were even more special – and months or years later I still remembered the images of them.

Kwik Kat was one of those bikes.

KatanaIt was originally built by Roger Turner. Not only does he still own Kwik Kat, but it’s also still used in anger. I can testify to that after seeing it in action at a North Weald run what you brung event  a few years back. And the far beyond standard Suzuki Katana still looked mostly identical to the A4 back page from PB that took pride of place on my wall all those years ago. It was great then, and even better to see it in action all these years later…

Is it just me that remembers bikes featured all those years ago? Or have you come face-to-face with a project bike from a magazine?