1992 Firebalde wheel

Let’s take a look at the tat on our MireBlade

1992 Firebalde wheelThe first thing we do when we buy a motorcycle is set about changing it, never mind the fact that Honda shovelled millions of Yen into designing and building the best production sports bike the world had seen by 1992, blokes in sheds always know better.

My Fireblade is covered in so much tat that I’ve renamed it the Mireblade.

There’s so many things about my Mireblade that I don’t just dislike, it’s morphing into actual hatred, so let me show you what bits will be getting changed.

Let’s start with the quick fixes.

  • Dust caps

1992 Firebalde exhaust bracketWhat’s so wrong with black plastic dust caps? Nothing! Why does my Mireblade have a matching pair of gold anodised ones?

  • Exhaust hanger

There’s no pillion peg on the lefthand side, and only a ‘race’ inspired hanger on the right. The fresh MOT makes a note of this in the advisory notes because there’s still a pillion seat fitted.

The piece of flat metal is embossed with CBR, it’s terrible. I have the remains of an earlier RRT Fireblade in my garage, so that’s an easy fix, I’ll pinch the rear peg assemblies from that.

  • Carbon heel plates

1992 Fireblade hangerI am not a massive fan of carbon fibre parts on older bikes, it’s like putting a photo of your Nan into a Snapchat app and giving her dogs ears. The Mireblade is fitted with some carbon fibre heel plates, why? What’s so wrong with the standard alloy Honda items?

  • Mini indicators

I’ve never seen a pair of aftermarket mini winkers that I’ve ever liked, most are cheaply made and detract more than they add from any bike that I’ve ever owned. On the plus side they are in full working order.

  • Seat

First day back from the long six week school holiday, first job was to recover a mountain of new exercise books, that’s exactly where my mind is transported when I look at the poorly fitted cover on my seat. Another quick fix.

  • Yellow wheels

1992 Fireblade rearBanana yellow wheels lurk beneath the caked on brake dust, joy!

The front wheel is still the original 16 inch hoop. I thought everyone had converted their Blades to run a 17 incher? Maybe the keepers of this one were all too busy throwing tat at it to do a worthwhile upgrade.

The rear wheel is covered with layers of black chain lube, it looks like a wasp.

  • Grips

1992 Fireblade seatThis will be the first job that I’ll undertake, the ones fitted not only feel horrible, they also look terrible.

I’ve already ordered some Renthal grips.

*Stop Press

These have now arrived!

I need to act swiftly, from past experiences I know that the longer I leave these issues, the more unlikely that I’ll ever change them!

Right, where’s my knife, and where’s those new grips.