KTM 790 Duke Ventura luggage

Lightweight luggage for middleweight bikes

Ventura has added the latest generation KTM 790 Duke, Ducati Monster 797 and Yamaha MT-07  to it’s fitment list – offering lightweight luggage options for most modern middleweight street bikes.

Light, stable and versatile, Ventura’s Evo Bike Pack System combines the best features of hard and soft luggage, to add serious carrying capability without excess weight, width or bulky and unsightly racking systems.

It’s ideal for streetbikes, which all have limited luggage carrying capability – their minimalist rear-ends offering little option for mounting soft bags or hard cases.

Ventura’s system consists of just three elements: L-Brackets, Evo-Rack and Bike Pack:

  1. The discreet L-Brackets are tailor made for each machine and attach to existing mounting points on the sub-frame.
  2. The Evo Rack slots into the L-Brackets, offering a stable and secure platform for the luggage.
  3. The Pack simply slides onto the Rack and clips into place. 

This unique mounting system ensures the load won’t shift, even during hard riding. It can be carried directly behind the rider close to the bike’s centre of gravity, and re-positioned behind the pillion seat when a passenger is onboard. Both options carry the pack well clear of exhausts and the rear wheel.

KTM 790 Duke Ventura luggageWhen luggage isn’t needed, both the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the L-Brackets behind. The rider then has the option of fitting a Grab Handle.

Packs come in three sizes, from the 10-litre Evo-10 day pack (£73.99) to the 22-litre Evo-22 for a weekend away (£129.99) and the 40-litre Evo-40, ideal for touring (£149.99). Evo racks sell for £77.99 and  the price of L-brackets depends on the make and model of motorcycle.

A typical system consisting of the L-Brackets, Evo Rack, and a Evo-22 Jet Stream Pack retails at £332.98 for the KTM, £323.98 for the Monster and £362.97 for the MT-07, (all including VAT).

For further details, prices and a full list of pack options visit  www.ventura-bike.co.uk