Tatty Honda Fireblade

Living with our tatty Fireblade

FirebladeOur cheapie Honda Fireblade is proving to be a a decent buy, sure it’s never going to win any beauty pageants, but for me that’s part of its hidden charm.

After investing a few quid in a tin of grey primer I set to work getting shot of the gloss black paint that had metal flake sparkles added! If only I’d bought a roll of masking tape I thought after I’d started spraying. The paint was going on pretty well, even more amazing when you realise I did very little ( like nothing) in the way of prep work. After ten minutes I stood back to admire my work, let’s just say that I’m easily pleased.

Honda Fireblade RRTAfter a few weeks the tank was getting on my tits, it already had a dodgy finish before I’d gone at it. I had the remains of an earlier RRT model Fireblade in my garage, and decided to pinch the tank from that. Despite loads of differences between the RRT/RRV model and my RRW version, the tank is exactly the same.

So on it went, having sprayed my original cap in primer I kept the RRT cap and key, another Honda key popped on my keyring.

I’ve been riding the Blade on a regular basis, and I am chuffed with how it rides.

Honda Fireblade CBR900 RRTIt even appears to have a healthy charging system, always a bonus on an old CBR.

It’s giving me around 100 miles in return for every tenner of unleaded that I pump its way, it’s a silly superstition of mine that if I fill the tank to the top the bike will then breakdown, no idea where this stupid idea stems from, so maybe I might go crazy next time and neck it!

Nothings fallen off, well not that I’m aware of, other than the fairing panels that I ditched the day that I bought the bike.

Other than a squirt of chain lube it’s been a fuss free month or so of budget biking.

I’m looking forward to more of the same.