Now to Make my Getaway - The Complete Compendium of Ogri

Ltd Edition OGRI compendium coming soon

OgriCreated by cartoonist and illustrator Paul Sample in the early 1970s, the Ogri cartoon strip ran in Bike magazine until 2008, and then in Back Street Heroes, until the last one was published in October 2013.

Containing all 443 published cartoons, each printed on 355 x 324 mm pages, the strips are bigger than ever before, allowing readers of the compendium  to savour the intricate detail of Paul Sample’s distinctive artwork.

Also included are strips 443/49 and 444/50, neither of which has ever before seen the light of day. The covers will be foil-blocked in antique gold, with a full-colour plate of the man himself leaping off a bridge.

Printed and bound by Blissett’s, The Queen’s own bookbinder, the first edition will be available in three binding options, all of which will be part of a private numbered edition;

  1. Bound in black buckram book cloth, priced at £85.
  2. Bound in black buckram book cloth, presented in a hand-made slipcase and numbered from 101 upwards, selling for £125.
  3. A limited edition of one hundred copies, bound in Wildman and Bugby black leather, individually signed and doodled by Paul, and presented in the slipcase. Numbered 1-100, they will be priced at £250.

Due for delivery in time for Christmas, demand is expected to be high, especially for the limited edition run.

A paperback version is planned for release in 2018.

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