Aprilia RS125

Make or Break? Aprilia RS125.

Make or Break? Aprilia RS125.

“That looks tidy.”Aprilia RS125

This Aprilia RS125 hasn’t seen the road since 2009. The tax disc is the obvious clue to this. It was parked up when the owner passed their bike test, it hasn’t been touched since.

Aprilia RS125“That’s 14 years!”

Sadly it was not in a barn, instead it was in a lock up garage in Leicester! It even came with an old style V5 and keys. Result.

“Anything wrong with it?”Aprilia RS125

Other than it hasn’t run for over a decade it looks pretty good. The mileage is 5,000 kilometres, which is super low. It would make a great restoration project, or a lovely source of parts! I have a soft spot for these, so won’t rush to a decision I might regret.

Article by Scott Redmond.