Make or Break? Benelli 500 Quattro.

Make or Break? Benelli 500 Quattro.

“Is that a barn find?”Benelli 500 Quattro

No. Barn finds are not something that’s really associated with the sprawling postcodes of London. Quite the opposite, most homes in central London don’t even come with a garage! Once a bike is retired from daily use, they then get shoved in a shed or just parked up in the garden. 

That’s where this Benelli had sat since 1997!

“Is it totally fucked then?”

Benelli 500 QuattroNo! Far from it. Some parts, like the tank and seat, are well beyond their best, but things like the forks and chassis parts are preserved in their own shit. The engine even turns over when popped into gear and rocked back and forth.

Admittedly, it is a full on project though!

“What actually is it?”

A Benelli 500 Quattro. The motor is pretty much a Honda CB550/4.

The chassis parts are all Italian home grown. Brembo brakes in 1979 where the cream of the crop. The café racer looks have aged well!

“What is it worth?”Benelli 500 Quattro

Other than what someone wants to pay for it, I reckon it’s worth £1,500-ish. Come back in a few weeks to see if I was right or not!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.