Make or Break? BMW R1100RS.

Make or Break? BMW R1100RS.

“You’ve gone upmarket!”BMW R1100RS

There are several things that I do my utmost to avoid. Other than people and salad, this is something that’s right up there. BMW motorcycles, it’s fair to say that I’m not a fan. However, in the pursuit of business I do have to handle a few now and again. This ‘P’ Reg R1100RS is my latest BMW punt.

“What happened to it?”

The exact history of the bike is sketchy, but going on the evidence before me it appears to have had an attempted theft that left this bike unloved.

The ignition switch is mullered and the rear indicator lenses, of all things, have gone AWOL. The pair of front Brembo calipers have also vanished. There’s also a variety of unexplainable scratches here and there.

BMW R1100RSOn the plus side, it’s still got a current MoT until early next year. With 70 odd thousand miles on the clocks, it’s still got plenty of go left. BMW owner’s love to boast about how many miles these motors can rack up, but then whinge about mileages being too high when they go hunting to buy a replacement bike.

“I bet it’s still worth a fortune?”

No, this is the weird thing. For a premium badge like BMW on the tank, you might think theyBMW R1100RS are worth bundles. Wrong, I recently sold a really clean one with higher mileage for not much more than £900.

They represent good value for money if you want a budget mile muncher. This will go back to market as it is. I have the V5 and it could make a cool project, or good source of parts if you run one of these shaft drive plodders. Fetch an empty van and £595.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.