Make or Break? BMW R1100RT

Make or Break? BMW R1100RT.

“Not another BMW for us?”BMW R1100LT

Having dodged buying any BMW bikes for quite a while, the law of averages have settled their score by throwing another chunk of BMW biking into my life. Last week it was an old R1100RS, this week it’s its bigger brother the R1100RT.

“It looks posh that!”

This is exactly the sort of sensible motorcycle that would’ve appealed to my Dad. It’s full house Captain Sensible, but also very dull and not my idea of a bike that I’d ever wake up wanting to add to my life.

BMW R1100LTThing is, the older I get the more these mile munching sofa type bikes appeal to me a bit more. That said, I’m still not interested in owning one for my personal transport.

“What’s up with it, apart from that colour!”

The good news is plentiful, it starts first prod of the Fisher Price Toys inspired switchgear and idles lovely. It even boasts a current Mor. Other than a battered mirror, it is in fine cosmetic fettle too.

The fly in the ointment is the fact that it doesn’t move under its own steam. It selects its gears ok, butBMW R1100LT there is no engagement to putting the power to the rear wheel. I think the clutch might be shagged as it makes a nasty noise from the clutch housing, so this will definitely require some investigation. That investigation will not come from me though!

It is being offered for a winter project fodder, fetch an empty van and £750. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.