DiBlasi 50

Make or Break? DiBlasi 50.

Make or Break? DiBlasi 50.

“Is that a real bike?”DiBlasi 50

Yes! This is a 1979 DiBlasi 50cc moped. It’s fully road legal and even comes with an expired MOT certificate to show that it was indeed used on the road. The DiBlasi is also a fold up bike! Meaning it can be packed away when not in use, or makes it easy to pack away for those that might want to use it in a motorhome.

DiBlasi 50“Where did you find it?”

It came with a deal on three bikes. The DiBlasi wasn’t the cherry on the cake, but it did raise the biggest smile. It’s been kicking around the workshop for a few months now and perhaps it is time for it to be moved on.

“Does it run?”

Only if you run next to it! The top end of the engine is loosely fitted. The original owner who bought the bike in 1981 thinks he seized it up, but it’s been so long he can’t fully remember the details. It will need a rebuild and is a restoration project given being inactive for 4 decades.

“How much is it?”DiBlasi 50

No idea how to price it. Make us an offer.

Article by Scott Redmond.