Make or break? Ducati S2R 800 Monster.

Make or break? Ducati S2R 800 Monster.

‘What are you doing with a Ducati?’Ducati S2R 800

Selling it hopefully! I am not a massive fan of Italian motorcycles. I can admire their charms from afar, but I have very little interest beyond that. That said, I have actively been on the prowl for a 748 or 916 to tuck away in my toy shed, simply because in a few years time the prices will reach a point where I won’t want to pay them.

None of this waffle explains why I bought this blood red Ducati last week.

‘S2R, that is a stupid name.’

Agreed. It sounds like a pop group. Was there even an S1R? Whatever, who cares! The bike is basically a Monster 800. Back when this was a new bike in 2006, Ducati had a mixture of air cooled and water cooled models to tempt you.

Ducati S2R 800They also had a broad range of engine sizes, the smaller capacity lack a real sense of poke, the bigger cc ones offer maybe too much go for a laid back naked city slicker. The 800 lump was the one Goldilocks might settle for.

‘Is that a single sided rear end?’

The S2R got all the weapons loaded upon it. A single sided rear arm and Marchesini wheels gave it street cred, the stacked Termignoni exhaust silencers gave it a boom boom soundtrack. Chuck in a snazzy cockpit fairing and this Monster was ready to rumble.

‘Where’s the catch?’Ducati S2R 800

This bike hasn’t been used much in 6 years. For any proper bike engine that wouldn’t be an issue, but Ducati use cam belts which need changing every few years. Some people are smart enough to change them themselves, which is handy! However, if you visit a Ducati specialist you will get a hefty bill. This bike will need new belts, this will be reflected in the asking price, once I do my homework on sold prices I will get it straight on eBay!  

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.