Honda 400/4

Make or Break? Honda 400/4.

Make or Break? Honda 400/4.

“That’s not your typical 400/4.”

Honda 400/4No shit Sherlock. This poor Honda 400/4 hasn’t had much tlc of late. The previous owner was clearing out a few bikes to try and keep his head above water! The cost of living squeeze is seeing more and more distressed sellers parting with bikes that they can’t afford to finish off.

“What was his plan?”Honda 400/4

A Honda Scrambler was his vision. He managed to fit a rear knobbly tyre and some big old handlebars! The seat and a hacked up exhaust completed his visual dream. Oh, and some black paint!

Honda 400/4“You going to break it?”

Not too sure. It’s been ages since I dabbled with any 400/4 parts, so I’m a bit out of touch on if there is still any demand for bits? I think I’ll just put it out whole, the road rat look is still popular and despite it not being a runner, I think a new owner will be easy to find.

“How much?”

£795. Bring an empty van.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.