Make or Break? Honda Benly CD200.

Make or Break? Honda Benly CD200.

“The London look”Honda Benley CD200

I end up with lots of bikes that have spent their life in London. Once a London bike ends its day plodding around they tend to end up left in the shed or garden. There is a lack of barns within the M25 to push them into!

Honda Benley CD200“When was it last used?”

The tax disc displaid expired in 1997, that is now 25 years ago! For a quarter of a century this Honda twin pot hasn’t turned a wheel. Other than a side panel that’s gone awol the Benly is pretty much complete. It’s even got its original keys and an old white style V5 that shows that it’s only had 2 owners from new!

“Do these have a following?”Honda Benley CD200

Yes! I have met a few people that are drawn to these bikes, so I had high expectations that this one would sell fast. I was right! Within a week this old London bike was off to Louth in Lincoln to see out its days with a bloke who already owns another six! I love a happy ending.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.