Honda Bros 400 NC25

Make or Break? Honda Bros 400 NC25.

Make or Break? Honda Bros 400 NC25.

“What a stupid name.”Honda Bros 400 NC25

Can’t argue with that! The Bros name was always going to be a target for banter. Some people that own them just called them a NC25, which is the chassis prefix. Not quite RC30, RC45 etc, but you have to admire the cheek.

Honda Bros 400 NC25“Not a stupid bike though.”

The Bros was quite a cool bike when it landed in the late 80s. The alloy frame was still new technology for road bikes at this time. Here’s a dinky 400cc with not just that, but also a funky single sided rear too!

When you think back to most bikes in its category, it was things like the Suzuki GS500E and even the Honda VT500E. It is easy to see why the JDM Bros sold well when importers started to fetch them in from Japan.

“Where is the love?”Honda Bros 400 NC25

The Bros is not a bike that will ever reach, or even aspire to, classic bike status. It is a good bike though. Prices are low for even stonking examples. This one went unsold at £500, so it got broken for parts last week.

Article by Scott Redmond.