Honda CB175

Make or Break? Honda CB175.

Make or Break? Honda CB175.

“That is so bad that it’s good”Honda CB175

In a world of manufactured café racer culture this week, I’ve found a genuine example from the 1970’s. This Honda CB175 hasn’t been used for yonks! It came to me via a middleman so any info on its life is sadly consigned to history!

Honda CB175“Those exhausts!”

I have no idea where those silencers started life? They are nasty! They will end their life in a skip. The rest of the bike is complete, albeit in a far from showroom finish! It is preserved in its own shit! This is exactly how many of us like to buy an old unused motorcycle.

“What’s next for it?”Honda CB175

Ebay! It is live at the moment with an asking price of £695. Bring an empty van.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.