Make or Break? Honda CB750F2N.

Make or Break? Honda CB750F2N.

“Probably the best 750 air cooled four they made!”Honda CB750F2N
Those hooked up on the seventies 750/4 models would not agree, they would also not be interested in any bikes with more than a single camshaft.

The F2N was the last roll of the 750 air cooled dice before the emission police locked it up for crimes to humanity.

Honda CB750F2N“Didn’t the CBX750F use the same engine?”
The CBX750F was a great looking bike, it was also launched into a market full of air cooled four pots. To add more competition, Honda also gave us the VF750F, we all know how that one played out!

The CB750F2N arrived once the marketing people sussed that not all riders wanted a race rep 750.

It was a steady seller and even now it looks pretty modern.

“Mint before the crash”
We’ve all done it. Gravel and brakes, like oil and water, they aren’t a good mix.

This well looked after F2N took a tumble and it wasn’t just the owners pride that was dented.

“How much is it?”Honda CB750F2N
£995, bring an empty van.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond of NTS Bike Breakers.