Make or Break? Honda CBR1000F.

Make or Break? Honda CBR1000F.

“Built for comfort and speed.”Honda CBR1000F

The Honda CBR1000F is one of those bikes that rarely gets any attention. Why though? It is one of the most versatile mile munchers on the used bike market.

On the plus side, prices for the 160mph in line 4 cylinder super bike are silly cheap.

The first model was ok, but the 89 FK makeover model is the one to go for.

Honda CBR1000F“How many miles?”

66,000 miles is barely run in for these bikes! They will easily do over 100,000 miles without too many issues if they are looked after.

The mileage does start to take its toll on the chassis parts if they are allowed to do so. This is indicated nicely by the shagged brake discs on this one!

“What is it worth?”Honda CBR1000F

£995 is what it is up for. Bring an empty van!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.