Honda CBR1000FP

Make or Break? Honda CBR1000FP.

Make or Break? Honda CBR1000FP.

‘Built for comfort and speed.’Honda CBR1000FP

I have a massive soft spot for the Honda CBR1000F. It is one of those bikes that just does everything that you need a road bike to do. It isn’t much of a looker though, that I think we will agree upon.

Splitting the room is the primitive linked brake system that Honda put on this the FP variation on the CBR1000FP theme. It is an answer to a question that nobody that I know ever asked.

Honda CBR1000FP‘Does this one need much to get it going again?’

Parked up in 2017 it hasn’t been used since. Worse, it was left in a garden. The recent storm Eunice might have been responsible for the set of carbs going missing!

Otherwise the bike looks complete if not a little shabby. I’m confident a hot bucket of soapy water would help it to look more appealing.

‘Cheap thrills!’Honda CBR1000FP

With some time, effort and a set of carbs there is a cheap bike still to be had here. I have stuck a price tag of £695 on it.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.