Make or break? Honda CBR600FK.

Make or break? Honda CBR600FK.

“That one of them jelly mould models?”Honda CBR600FK

Thanks to its bar of soap looks from that all enclosed bodywork, the original CBR600F was nicknamed the jelly mould. Three decades later and the name still sticks.

These bikes were hot stuff when they were new. Honda got everything pretty much right with this model. It looked fresh, went extremely well and out sold the competition, yet all these years later there isn’t much love for the model now. This means prices for them are rather low. That said, decent ones are starting to get harder to stumble over.

Honda CBR600FK“This poor thing looks sorry for itself.”

This came in via the trade, another trader pitched to me and that was that. Nothing more than a cheap price and a few iPhone photos to go on. The bike is actually complete, it is just spread across a few bin liners and assorted butter tubs.

It was a project that ran out of motivation. On the plus side it came with new exhaust headers and fairly decent set of bodywork.

Not only was everything there, there were also a few extra parts with it too.

“Will you build it, get it running etc?”Honda CBR600FK

No! Course not. Having toyed with the idea of simply selling it on complete in kit form, I decided to break it up and let it go out in dribs and drabs. If you need any jelly belly bits give me a shout.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.