Honda CBR600FM

Make or Break? Honda CBR600FM.

Make or Break? Honda CBR600FM.

‘Still looks good that!’Honda CBR600FM

The Honda CBR600, it’s a bike that holds lots of memories for many, me included. I bought my first FM model in 1991, it was only a few months old. It was also damaged and cheap.

I found the bits to fix it from local racers in Essex and it looked mint again! Those were the days before HPI and all that stuff. Nobody but me knew that it had once been smashed up.

This H plater is the exact colours of that patched up Steelie I had 30 years ago.

Honda CBR600FMWhat’s up with it?’

Nothing major. Having been sat for years it will need work to get it tip top, however, it still wants to start and run on petrol that is older than Covid-19. Got to love an old Honda!

‘What do you mean you are keeping it?’

I have a container at the yard that is there to store my impulse buys. This is going straight in there to join the other bikes that I dealt into for my own consumption over the last few years. I love a happy ending.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.