Honda CBR600FS

Make or Break? Honda CBR600FS.

Make or Break? Honda CBR600FS.

“These were well popular in their day.”Honda CBR600FS

The CBR600F appealed to a very wide audience, which meant they sold in huge numbers.

The combination of mixing comfort and speed is the main reason that the CBR went down so well.

Add a better than average build quality plus a centre stand and it is hard not to be impressed with the formula.

Honda CBR600FS“Where did this one surface from?”

The previous owner experienced an iffy regulator unit that cooked his battery, a common issue that’s well known to any 90’s CBR or VFR owner.

Instead of coughing up for a replacement battery and regulator, he decided not to bother! That was in 2006, and it hasn’t been used since.

I would tell you the mileage, but the clocks were stolen from his front garden many years ago. MoT checker throws no light on the miles on the dials either. Their records only go back to 2010 which is a whole 4 years after the Honda was parked up for the last time.

“Looks a good project?”Honda CBR600FS

Other than the clocks, the bike looks to be complete. With used parts being cheap and plentiful, it wouldn’t break the bank to bring it back to life.

Fancy getting involved with it? Fetch an empty van and £595.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.