Make or Break? Honda CBR600FX.

Make or Break? Honda CBR600FX.

“What happened to that?”Honda CBR600FX

You mean other than someone hand painting various chassis components in a dog shit shade of brown? Skipping over the pooper scooper artwork, this bike isn’t actually too far gone.

Last used in 2017 and parked with no known faults it hasn’t been started since. The seller needed rid and that’s how it ended up in the yard. Well, after a trip to south London to lasso it.

Honda CBR600FXThe forgotten CBR600 model.”

Pretty much sums it up. Honda ditched their trusty and sometimes rusty steel frame in the late nineties and embraced an alloy frame. The FX/FY model though failed to capture the slice of the 600cc market. Times had moved on and the class was all about full on race reps like the GSX-R600 SRAD and the R6. Honda kind of held back from going balls out and even fitted this model with a centre stand.

The bike does lack a bit of kerb appeal when bundled in with its competitors, however in isolation it actually makes more sense.

“Who would want this one?”Honda CBR600FX

Well me for starters! Sure it needs some tlc and spending to get it going again, but beyond a battery, fuel and a service it looks good to go. You might want to budget for some silver spray paint to lose those dog muck colour coded parts.

“How much is it?”

£750. Keys and V5 with it. Bring an empty van.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.