Honda CBR900 Urban Tiger

Make or break? Honda CBR900 Urban Tiger.

 Make or break? Honda CBR900 Urban Tiger.

‘That looks a corker, what’s it doing in your hands?’
It’s not just quality shitters that get my pulse going, I do also appreciate a bit of class now and again.

Honda CBR900 Urban TigerThis is one of those bikes that takes me right back to another point in time. The original 1992 RR-N FireBlade was the ground breaker, it made the clumsy litre plus bikes of the early nineties look out of date overnight. It had no extra poke, but it weighed less and was designed to destroy the FZR1000 and GSX-R1100 chunkers in the showroom.

A few years in and Honda sharpened the Blade with a funky new Headlight and other technical updates, they also painted it beige.

‘Fifty shades of beige.’
The Urban Tiger Blade is to some and me included, a more iconic bike than those 92 bug eye models. This is why when I heard about this one coming to market, I picked up the phone and did a deal.

‘What made you go weak at the knees about this particular example?’
I’ve known the seller for a long time, he rarely parts with any of his impressive collection. He’d had this Blade a while and I wasn’t to sure if he’d actually conclude our verbal transaction, just because I know how much he liked this bike. Thankfully for me he did, a few weeks later he arrived with the bike in his van.Honda CBR900 Urban Tiger

It was everything I had hoped it would be. It ticked all my boxes, a genuine UK bike with all of the right standard parts still intact. From the uncut rear mudguard, to the genuine screen and unmarked original paintwork. It also hadn’t been spoilt with any nineties security shit, like that stupid Datatag etching and nasty alarms. The loom is untouched and even the grips are original. Under the pop up rear seat there’s even the original toolkit and owners handbook, lovely!

Honda CBR900 Urban Tiger“How old is it again?”
It’s easy to forget how old these bikes are now. This Blade is now 26 years old and it’s covered just over 10,000 fully documented miles. I can still remember it coming out and at the time, I promised myself one. I had no idea that I’d have wait over two decades to catch my Tiger.



Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.