Honda CB900F Chopper

Make or Break? Honda Chopper CB900F.

Make or Break? Honda Chopper CB900F.

‘Never knew you were into chops?’Honda CB900F Chopper
That is because I’m not. It’s a scene that’s totally passed me by, until now! This bike arrived in a job lot bundle from another trader.

I have zero knowledge on its history and had to scratch my head to identify the assorted parts that have been nailed together.

Honda CB900F Chopper‘Go on then, what’s it all about?’
The frame itself is nicely made, I have no idea on who actually fabricated it. The bulk of the parts used are from a Honda CB900F. The guy that sold it to me said it was a 750. The engine is an unknown quantity. Chances are it’s probably ok, or why would anyone build a bike around a knackered motor? It does look to have been idle for years, so those carbs will definitely require attention.

The forks are again Honda CB900F items and keeping them off the floor is a CMA cast wheel that dates back to the 70’s.

The rear wheel is a Suzuki 3 spoke, and it’s been fitted up nicely too.Honda CB900F Chopper

The fuel tank and seat are bespoke and so to are those ridiculous handlebars! I’ve noticed that there are no lock stops on the frame, so that confirms my suspicions that it’s never made it out of the shed in the past. The rest of the parts are in several cardboard boxes, biscuit tins and freezer bags! It is like a cross between an unfinished project and a crime scene.

‘Choppers are cool though, aren’t they?’
They probably can be. My initial reaction was to break this for parts, but given that we are into winter project season, I’ve opted to tout it out in one bit first. Fetch an empty van and £1,500!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.