Make or Break? Honda Deauville 650.

Make or Break? Honda Deauville 650.

Honda Deauville‘That looks comfy.’

The humble Honda Deauville, commonly mocked by its haters and called the Dullsville. On the face of it, it’s easy to see why the haters are going to hate. It isn’t much of a looker is it? Less so with a fresh coat of black spray paint.

I was always taught to not judge a book by the film, or was it the cover? Either way, there are plenty of plus points to this budget tourer, the price being the most obvious!

You can pick these up from around £500 for a shabby runner.

‘What’s going for this one?’Honda Deauville

Well, it is cheap! I will punt it out for no more than £450. Ask me nicely and I’m always happy to move a bit on my starting prices.

The bike starts easy enough, and it even idles nicely. There is some extra soot that is noticeable in the exhaust smoke though, not plumes that would suggest a knackered motor, more like you get when an engine needs a decent service and filters.

Beyond the engine, the chassis parts are honest enough and other than some gaffer tape on that freshly painted fairing, the bodywork looks presentable.

‘Isn’t it just a Revere in a frock?’

Pretty much, yes! If you want a cheap and competent tourer though, the Deauville is very hard to beat. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.