Honda VFR750 FK

Make or Break? Honda VFR750 FK.

Make or Break? Honda VFR750 FK.

“That looks flipping clean.”Honda VFR750 FK

Honda bikes from the eighties always felt like they were built much better than the competition they went up against. This 1989 Honda VFR750 is super clean, yet you can tell it hasn’t been tarted up, it is just a well looked after and cared for bike.

Honda also avoided lairy yoghurt pot inspired paint jobs, instead they opted for classy paint that you must admit has stood the test of time much better!

Honda VFR750 FK“Is that some scratches on the fairing?”

Well spotted! The last owner had one of those super low speed tumble incidents. He was ok, but the fairing took the brunt of it. Basically, it is now scuffed in several places along with a small scuff on the exhaust silencer.

This can easily be repaired, but it can also just be ignored!

“What is it worth?”Honda VFR750 FK

It hasn’t been used for five years so is a project bike offering. Being an old Honda, I bet if you slung a new battery on it and some fresh fuel in the tank, it would start up with no issues! Bring an empty van and £1095.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.