Honda VFR750FR

Make or break? Honda VFR750FR.

Make or break? Honda VFR750FR.

“Those things go on forever!”Honda VFR750FR

Well yes, if you ride them, not so much if you hide them. The VFR750 is no stranger to cranking up high miles. I have owned several with over 100,000 miles on the clock. It also means that when you break them for parts the engine is always the last part to sell.

This one had not been used for years, worse it was left outside to fend for itself against the elements. A battle in which it didn’t do overly well. In the trade, the red paint used on these FR models is known as faded Honda! This one lives up to the bants!

Honda VFR750FR“You what, sold it within 24 hours!”

I had no appetite to break this for parts, my tetanus jabs are out of date and it was riddled with rusty bolts that all offered the possibility of being one sheared bolt away from a mare to pull apart.

Been there too many times. So it was stuck online with the project tag slapped on its arse.

The phone lit up and calls came in pretty quick. Then a local bloke popped by to take a look.

“Fake news.”Honda VFR750FR

He wanted a donor bike to use for his plan to build a RC30 lookalike!

The manky £495, 89,000 mile old V4 750 ticked his boxes! I love a happy ending.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.