Honda VFR750

Make or Break? Honda VRF750FK.

Make or Break? Honda VRF750FK.

“Here’s one I sold earlier.”Honda VFR750

I sold this bike earlier this year. It was a non running bike that had arrived for breaking. I had a customer in for parts and he saw it and bought it! Over the next few months he sorted the brakes, done the fork seals and a few other jobs needed to get it through a MoT.

In September he obtained a years ticket and had a ride around but decided it wasn’t for him.

Honda VFR750“It looks ok that.”

The bike looks tidy and is unrestored. The standard paint wears its scratches well.

The bike starts and runs, but is crying out for a carb clean and probably plugs and filters to restore that V4 bark back to the bike.

“How much is it?”Honda VFR750

Bring an empty van and £795.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.